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Adams County Education Consortium (“The Consortium”) was founded to bridge the long-standing gap between the needs of business and the education of students in Adams County, Colorado. The Consortium, whose members include all 7 school districts, college professionals, charter community, and industry professionals in Adams County, is uniquely positioned to foster collaboration to help address the challenges of the current climate reaching over 90,000 students. The Consortium is a convener of multiple agencies to pool resources to deliver direct service to all Adams County students (not just one district) and provide support on best practices for educators in career pathway development. The Consortium provides hands-on, interactive career exploration, job shadowing, internship and apprenticeship opportunities, along with training in business and professional skills for students in middle and high school. The Consortium also operates as the fiscal agent and student support coordinator for Adams County scholarships for youth who transition into a public collegiate post-secondary option. The Consortium believes students should be equipped with exposure, experience, and support to enter diverse post-secondary career pathways that provide sustainable wages and growth opportunities.

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